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António José

3 de May, 2024
"Naval carpentry provides versatile knowledge, it allows us to respond to the challenges of other arts, other activities" António José Carmo worked for around 30 years in the family shipyards, Samuel & Filhos, as a draftsman. With a deep knowledge…

XII Meeting of
Traditional Boats

11 de April, 2024
XII Meeting of Traditional Boats enlivens Vila do Conde Full of activities by water and on land, the XII Meeting of Traditional Boats takes place this weekend (13 and 14 April). The event, which is free and open to all,…

Naval Carpentry

11 de April, 2024
Shall we open routes to the future? The Vila do Conde Nautical Arts Centre is promoting the first Naval Carpentry course. This free training course, which starts this month, is being held in partnership with FOR-MAR - the Centre for…


15 de March, 2024
Irmãos Viana: love of art in every project Almost 50 years ago, brothers José and António Viana, sons and grandsons of fishermen, put their family name on the wooden shipbuilding industry. In their shipyard, which specialises in the construction and…

Samuel &

11 de March, 2024
Samuel & Filhos: where history is recreated perfectly The wooden construction of historical replicas is one of the areas of specialization of the Samuel & Filhos shipyard – which has been rehabilitating the Nau Quinhentista (16th century ship) of Vila…


3 de March, 2024
16th century seaports: finding the original sources If we want to know the history of Portuguese maritime expansion and shipbuilding in the 16th century, without extrapolations and assumptions, there's nothing like consulting what was registered at the time. We have…

A “Catraia” Under

25 de February, 2024
Chatting with master Benjamim Moreira What a beautiful “catraia”, Master Benjamim Moreira! In Vila Chã, a fishing village, this small, sturdy and curved, disused fishing boat was born from hands that have mastered wooden shipbuilding. Destined to preserve centuries-old knowledge…

The CdAN

21 de February, 2024
A know-how and its spaces: soul and body of the Nautical Arts Center Wooden shipbuilding know-how breathes in the streets of Vila do Conde. Through its four spaces – Nau Quinhentista, Alfândega Régia-Museu de Construção Naval, Casa do Barco and…

Wooden Shipbuilding
and its Terms

3 de February, 2024
Wooden shipbuilding and its terms There are wooden shipbuilding terms whose origins are lost in time. They are part of Vila do Conde's intangible culture. We've culled a few from the vast and curious glossary associated with this ancient art,…

History of

28 de January, 2024
The history of wooden shipbuilding: defending centuries-old knowledge In the history of shipbuilding in Portugal, particularly wooden shipbuilding, Vila do Conde plays a fundamental role. From its shipyards came part of the maritime expansion fleet of the 15th and 16th…