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XII Meeting of
Traditional Boats

By 11 de April, 2024April 29th, 2024No Comments

XII Meeting of Traditional Boats enlivens Vila do Conde

Full of activities by water and on land, the XII Meeting of Traditional Boats takes place this weekend (13 and 14 April). The event, which is free and open to all, will colour and animate the mouth of the River Ave and the riverside area of Vila do Conde, starting at Largo da Alfândega.

Promoted by the Centre for Nautical Arts (CdAN) and the Vila do Conde Association of Former Navy Sailors, the meeting brings together 18 traditional boats from Portugal and Spain and more than 80 participants.

The illuminated parade of all the boats at the beginning of the evening on Saturday and the Traditional Boat Race on Sunday morning are the two highlights of the programme, given their spectacular nature, but many others invite the public to take part – there’s a display of traditional boats in Largo da Alfândega, river walks, activities for children and families, demonstrations of crafts associated with wooden shipbuilding, etc.

It’s a weekend of festivities anchored in traditional naval culture. Let’s take a look at the programme:


10 a.m. – Opening of the IX Exhibition of Traditional Boats (Cais da Alfândega)

11 a.m. – Baptism of Navigation (Cais das Lavandeiras)

3 p.m. – Lecture “The Devotion of a Vila do Conde Pilot”, by Doctor José António Salazar Ribeiro – auditorium of the Clube Fluvial Vilacondense headquarters

5 p.m. – Lecture “Traditional boats of the Tagus”, by Captain Rodrigues Pereira – auditorium of the Clube Fluvial Vilacondense headquarters

8 p.m. – Lighted night parade of boats – Ave river estuary


10 a.m. – Free sailing of boats

11 a.m. – Traditional Boat Race (river Ave estuary)


Saturday and Sunday, Largo da Alfândega

– Exhibition of traditional boats

– Demonstrations of wooden shipbuilding