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This project involves a multi-level network of partners that includes 15 different local partners with whom Vila do Conde Town Council has been cooperating on a more or less regular basis to safeguard coastal cultural heritage, and two international Norwegian partners, mobilized for this project on the basis of their technical know-how and expertise in the preservation and enhancement of traditional wooden shipbuilding techniques, and their promotion and enhancement as a resource for the sustainable development of communities and territories.

Educational and Pedagogical Community

The involvement and awareness of the educational and pedagogical community includes several partners linked to the educational universe: Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Carlos Pinto Ferreira, Agrupamento de Escolas D. Pedro IV, Agrupamento de Escolas D. Afonso Sanches, Agrupamento de Escolas Frei João and Escola Secundária José Régio, and the Centro de Formação Desportiva Náutica Frei João de Vila do Conde. With the schools, there will be a follow-up and new impetus to the heritage awareness initiatives already implemented in the classroom by intensifying activities, producing new teaching materials, carrying out study visits to the shipyards and the CdAN, with visits to the exhibition area, theoretical and practical training actions in a workshop context, etc.

On the other hand, the municipal educational program for nautical sports will be extended, in partnership with the CFDN Frei João de Vila do Conde, to the entire educational community of the municipal public network. Also in this area, it is worth mentioning the participation of experienced partners Hardanger og Voss in the design of the CdAN’s educational-pedagogical activities program.

Anthropological Plan

In terms of anthropology, history and museology, we would highlight the involvement of the partners Sicnave – Indústria de Construção e Reparação Naval, Lda; Barreto & Filhos, Lda; Irmãos Viana, Lda; Samuel e Filhos, Lda; Associação Vila Chã – Pesca – Museu do Mar; and Associação dos Ex-Marinheiros da Armada de Vila do Conde, who will be involved in the anthropological collection associated with the Arts and Techniques of Traditional Wooden Shipbuilding in Vila do Conde.

This component will be articulated with the Museological Program and Museographic Project of the CdAN. Inscribed on the INPCI and, hopefully, on UNESCO’s ICH representative list, the arts and techniques of wooden shipbuilding and repair will have a crucial cultural and educational space in the CdAN for their understanding and study.

Associação Vila Chã Pesca
Associação de Ex-Marinheiros da Armada de Vila Do Conde

and training

In terms of capacity building and training, partnerships with FOR-MAR – Centro de Formação Profissional de Pescas e do Mar (Vocational Training Center for Fisheries and the Sea) and the technical-vocational courses at schools (Agrupamento Escolas Afonso Sanches and Escola Secundária José Régio), will continue the ongoing work of implementing professional training in naval carpentry, with the possibility of the internship component taking place in the CdAN workshop.

Sharing and/or crossing knowledge and expertise

With regard to the sharing and/or crossing of knowledge and expertise, the CdAN will host residencies and exchanges for professionals and technicians, exploring different approaches to traditional wooden shipbuilding.

Stiftelsen Engøyholmen Kystkultursenter will bring its technical know-how and experience to the project, participating in an international residency and exchange project on traditional wooden shipbuilding, with stays in Vila do Conde and Stavanger, resulting in the construction of 2 vessels using traditional wooden shipbuilding arts and techniques.

Promoting the attractiveness of the territory

To promote the territory’s attractiveness (recreational, sporting and historical), we would like to highlight the partnerships with the Vila do Conde Kayak Club, the Vila do Conde Association of Former Navy Sailors and the Vila do Conde Fluvial Club, which, by mobilizing different audiences, will develop sports and nautical activities on a permanent basis.

Supporting Entities

Finally, in addition to the 17 partners in the consortium, the project has the support of a number of organizations (IEFP, A&M Texas University, DRC-N, DocaPesca, FórumOceanus, Autoridade Marítima Nacional and APPA-VC) which, at local, regional, national and international level, have mobilized to support this initiative, recognizing its importance in the process of enhancing and preserving coastal cultural heritage and identifying a significant degree of innovation as a training, scientific and economic resource center for the region and the country.

The letters of support for the project gathered at this stage of preparing the application certainly give good guarantees that, in the future, this dialogue and cooperation will be continued and deepened, materializing in activities and projects to be developed, at different levels, within the framework of the CdAN.